Product Review: Waitrose Succulent Scotch egg

Waitrose succulent Scotch egg

Waitrose Succulent Scotch Egg

When you’ve just had a crappy train journey to London (no tea or coffee what?!)  not to mention the lack of air con. I needed some comfort food and cheering up. (I know I can think of lots of other things to cheer me up 😉) I’m a big fan of Scotch Eggs, and of Waitrose so when I saw “Waitrose Succulent Scotch Egg” into my basket it jumped to sit next to the can of Pimms.


Waitrose succulent Scotch egg

As you can see, succulent…and so it proclaims on the  packaging.  The Waitrose website adds “Whole cooked free range egg encased in pork sausagemeat and coated in breadcrumbs. Made with pork from British pigs, outdoor bred then housed in airy barns.”. Now doesn’t that sound tasty?


Waitrose succulent Scotch egg

Well, what to say… bland and bland and did I say bland? .  When I think succulent I’m  thinking tasty, juicy … not grey and boring.  Over- boiled egg surrounded with what looked like a herby pork sausage but was tasteless and covered in OK breadcrumbs.

Waitrose succulent Scotch egg

It was all a tad dry and frankly a waste of calories, so in the bin it went.  No gooey egg, no flavoursome sausagemeat just dry and tasteless mush.  OK it’s £1.39, but really Waitrose, I expected better.


+ price

– bland

– development team need to look up the word succulent

– waste of calories


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