Product Review: limited edition Nespresso on Ice

Nespresso on Ice limited edition

The Perfect Iced Coffee at Home

Nespresso launches two limited edition Iced Coffee Flavours

We haven’t had much of a sunny summer here, but with the humidity iced coffee at home still sounds like a plan to me.

And so, Nespresso has released two varieties in limited edition packs: Intenso On Ice and Leggero On Ice. The Mediterranean-inspired packaging and colours certainly make me think of chilling with a cold iced-coffee on holiday (it’s reminiscent of vintage railway posters too).

Nespresso on ice limited edition capsules

The Iced Coffee Discovery Assortment comes with: 2 sleeves of Intenso on Ice, 2 sleeves of Leggero on Ice, 2 sleeves of Arpeggio, 2 sleeves of Volluto, 1 sleeve of Vanilio and 1 sleeve of Caramelito.

Nespresso on Ice limited edition

The two new flavours specially formulated for drinking over ice are: Intenso On Ice, described as a rich coffee blend with lingering roasted aromas and cereal notes, and Leggero On Ice, which is a milder coffee blend with fruity, well-balanced aromas and subtle lemony notes.

Nespresso on Ice limited edition

We tried both coffee Macchiato-style.  The Intenso was, of course, more intense with a punchier coffee flavour and more bitterness! I would probably add some vanilla syrup to sweeten it up for me but Mr Foodie loved it. I didn’t feel that the Leggero needed anything added to it as the flavours were sweet enough for me. Also in the pack are Vanilio and Caramelito, which if you haven’t already guessed are vanilla and caramel flavoured.

How to make a perfect Nespresso on Ice macchiato.

Nespresso on Ice limited edition

Add 3 large ice cubes to a tall glass (Nespresso Pure glasses can be purchased here).

Nespresso on Ice limited edition Add 40ml of Intenso on Ice or Leggero on Ice.

Nespresso on Ice limited edition

Top with 90ml of cooled milk froth.

Need more of a caffeine kick? Use two capsules of Intenso on Ice or Leggero on Ice using the 25ml setting.

I’d highly recommend giving both of these new Nespresso On Ice coffees a try. I’m planning on stocking up on these very special Limited Editions, especially my favourite – the Leggero On Ice. The Intenso assortment with 50 capsules is available for £17.30 from the Nespresso website, while the mild assortment is £17.90. The complete discovery pack is £35.40. For each of these packs the cost of an individual capsule works out at about 35p.

Nespresso on Ice limited edition

Disclaimer: Fred’s hoomins received complimentary Nespresso pods so that they could pretend they run a cat cafe.

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  1. Candice
    07/08/2017 / 12:28 am
    mmm I LOVE the Nespresso coffee. I'll have to try the iced!

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