Punk up your pizza, Xmas style

Pizza punks Xmas party in a box

Bake your own pizza punks creations at home

Pizza Punks, famed for their unusual toppings, have launched a Christmas party box for two and they asked us to try it out. The Xmas Pizza Party in a box includes everything you need to create your own punked-up pizzas In the comfort of your own home, and that includes a cocktail for 2 and a playlist as well!

Pizza punks Xmas party in a box

What’s in the Pizza Punks Xmas Pizza Party in a box?

The kit includes:-

A Christmas playlist that can be downloaded straight from the pizza box using the QR code

A cocktail of your choice (for 2)

Easy to follow instructions on how to make your pizza.

Two 48-hour proofed San Franciscan sourdough bases.

San Marzano Tomato, Basil & Garlic Sauce


A choice of four toppings (from a selection of 25, including seasonal must-haves like shredded sprouts, pigs in blankets, and turkey)  Or you can have an anchovy, red onion, nduja, and shredded sprouts pizza, if you want. 😂

Pizza punks Xmas party in a box
We picked garlic and Rosemary potatoes, turkey, shredded sprouts, and pigs in blankets to create a Christmas dinner pizza.

Choose a cocktail from a selection including: Drumstick Caiprisma, featuring vanilla-infused rum, raspberry rum, fresh lime juice, served with a retro drumstick; Smoked Popcorn Daiquiri with charred sweetcorn infused rum, sweetcorn syrup, fresh lime juice, and vanilla smoke; By Monks for Punks with spiced rum, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, almond syrup, Buckfast and more!

Easy cooking your Pizza Punks at home

🔥 Fire up that Pizza Punks Christmas Playlist from the link on your box.

Next up is the hardest bit, wrangling with a lively pizza base, stretching it out but keeping it a bit thicker at the edges for a crust.

Pizza punks Xmas party at home box

Spread the Pizza Punks San Marzano tomato, garlic, and basil sauce leaving a gap between the edge for the crust.

Pizza punks Xmas party at home box

Liberally add your toppings – we used the cheese for both our pizzas on a single go as we’re cheese addicts, so make sure you have some spare cheddar and mozzarella if you plan to do that. Then, place your masterpiece onto a suitable baking tray, we actually one that looks like a net and is designed for pizzas, but it seems that the cats have hidden it, so we used one with circular holes instead, which is actually for making crispy chips but it still did the job. Actually, it may help to put the pizza onto the baking tray once it’s stretched out to prevent any mishaps from transferring it!

Pizza punks Xmas party at home box

Keep an 👀 on the pizza, it doesn’t take long in a hot oven and you want to burn it a little for an authentic taste but not too much.

Pizza punks Xmas party at home box

Voila, our final product was not too shabby. Pizza and cocktails with tune for dinner! 🍕 🍸 😍

Pizza punks Xmas party at home box

Fred came out to judge our pizza making abilities (I think because he’d stolen the pizza oven tray), either that or the smell of the pizza, or cocktails was just far too tempting.

For your benefit, there is no Fred in the kit to judge you!



We had fun making our pizzas with the lively dough, which was very tasty and the kits arrived well-packed with all the toppings we wanted but at £29 it is perhaps steep considering you can order ready-cooked punked-up pizzas for £12 each but the kit should appeal to anyone living too far from Pizza Punks for delivery (like us). Our cocktail was boozy with lots of rum and lime though we couldn’t taste the Buckfast (maybe a good thing sez Fred, meow!) so factoring in how much you would normally pay for a cocktail in a restaurant it’s maybe an OK price after all, and delivery is UK-wide.

Pizza Punks also sell a Punk it up DoughIY kit, which is basically the Xmas kit without the cocktail and playlist, and a Bake at home kit (pizzas are ready to go straight into the oven). Both of these are £16 for 2 pizzas with 4 toppings.


How to order

Christmas Pizza Party in a Box for two, with cocktails included, are £29 and are available to order online now, for nationwide next day delivery.




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Fred purr of honour

Disclaimer: Thanks to Pizza Punks for the gifted Pizza Punks Xmas Party in a box kit. Fred was impressed by the base and topping but not his hoomans pizza making skills. Paws up his hoomans are honest in dere opinions.

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