Oil Cleansing Method OCM

Oil Cleansing Method OCM

I like to make things at home rather than spend lots of money on beauty products and one of the best things I discovered was the Oil Cleansing Method or OCM as it’s known as.
[pullquote]TLDR Oil your face, rub it in, and wipe it off![/pullquote]

Back in the midst of time ladies used oils to cleanse themselves and now it’s coming back.

Thankfully I’ve never had overly spotty skin over the years , however I had trouble finding something which cleaned my skin but didn’t seem to strip it dry.

Since trying this method, I’ve noticed that my skin is a lot happier and much less dry in the winter.

It’s a great time saver too, no need to,remove make up as it will do it for you too!

The base oil for the method is Castor Oil. This is the one that does the real work. I found it hard to locate but eventually found a bottle in the smaller local shops. You might be able to get a bottle in your chemist too.


Castor oil is too harsh on its own so play about with other oils, such as Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil or Olive Oil.

Mix around a third castor oil to,whatever oil you choose. I use Almond oil for a nicer smell. Patch test to make sure your ski is OK with it. After 24-48 hours with no reaction, you should be OK to,go!

Mix the oils together, I keep mine in a little tub at the sink so I can shake it.

Pour a generous puddle of oil into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to warm the oil up and then smooth it over your face.

Massage the oil into your face for a couple of minutes. This helps remove make up, dirt and help relax the muscles and tone the skin. Take your time, use this as some me time.

Once you feel like your face is fully saturated, pick up a washcloth and soak it in clean, hot (but not scalding water.

Place the washcloth over your face for about ten seconds and then Gently wipe the oil away and rinse the washcloth out. Wipe and rinse two or three times until you feel like the excess oil is off your face.

If your skin feels dry after this, add some oil back in – an all in new cleanser and moisturiser!


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