News: Tobermory returns!

Tobermory 12 year old relaunch foodie explorers

What’s the Story Tobermory?

Isle of Mull distillery Tobermory has returned after its closure to replace its stills with a new signature 12-year-old.

We joined other whisky lovers last night in Glasgow to celebrate the return of Tobermory, try the new whisky and find out plans for the future.

Tobermory 12 year old relaunch foodie explorers

Surrounded by images of the colourful town, the hills and Mull coast, we listened to what has been going on in the background at the Distillery as it received some TLC.  Traditionally known for being a bit of a middle ground between Highland and Islay whiskies, what does the new 12-year-old Tobermory taste like?

Tobermory 12 year old relaunch foodie explorersMade with unpeated barley, this is a smooth and gentle whisky.  Perfect for Mrs Foodie who has found a lot of the peated whiskies a tad too medicinal.  Don’t be mistaken by that gentle description as not being with flavour and aroma. Tobermory 12-year-old has this in bags (or bottles?).  Christmas in a glass when nosing, citrus, ginger and honey all jumped out.  When tasting, a similar feeling.  The ginger and citrus taste, but with an added smoothness of a slight chocolate finish.  One to easily end the day with, without being rushed.  One to add to our list of “don’t mind if I do” whiskies.

Tobermory 12 year old relaunch foodie explorers

Find out more about the whisky and distillery via their own website.


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