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Shoeshine Johnny joins the squad

Johnny the shoeshine guy knows everything and will tell you about it—for a price. Here he is in action.

Vapiano chose Edinburgh site

Vapiano are joining the gaggle of restaurants around St Andrew Square.

The first Scottish site for Vapiano will be on South St David Street just off St Andrew Square.  This will be their fifth U.K. Restaurant.

Starting in Hamburg in Germany in 2002, Vapiano can be found in over 30 countries.

St Andrew Square rumours

New York steakhouse STK Rebel and barbecue lobster shack Big Easy are also rumoured to join.

The Burrell – new owners again

I’ve lost count of the number of owners The Burrell (was 1901) on Haggs Road has had. Hopefully this one will last. Currently being gutted out, the new owners are rumoured to be from Skye.

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