News: Oktoberfest at Döner Haus

Döner haus glasgow Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest in Glasgow

It’s the last few days to get your Oktoberfest fix from Döner Haus to try an Oktoberfest beer, or even an Oktoberfest Kebap!  Myself and the Colonel are big fans of Döner Haus so needed no additional excuse to visit.

Döner haus glasgow Oktoberfest

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Döner haus glasgow Oktoberfest

Beer Menu for Oktoberfest

Döner haus glasgow Oktoberfest

A cheeky bottle of Spaten for me and a soft drink for the Colonel…Mr Foodie came along and picked the daught Kellerbier as he hadn’t checked it into Untappd.

Döner haus glasgow Oktoberfest

For food it was a Oktoberfest Kebap for myself, which is a mixture of currywurst and kebab, so slices of bratwurst sausage mixed in with slices of döner meat covered in curry sauce and served in a soft bun. The best bits of each dish!  It would be good if this was kept on the menu as sometimes you just need a mix of meats when you can’t quite decide on what to have.

Döner haus glasgow Oktoberfest


Döner haus glasgow Oktoberfest

Mr Foodie ordered a Cluck Haus – “Berlin Krispy Chicken with Shredded Iceberg Lettuce, Avocado, Tomatoes, Onions, Crispy Bacon and Garlic Mayo.” It says and it did come with it all! Crisp and moist chicken meat with lots of flavour. 👍 from Mr Foodie, who never expected to find avocado on a kebab but these are hipster times we live in!

Döner haus glasgow Oktoberfest

The Colonel picked his favourite, a frankfurter currywurst. Served with fries and sauerkraut as well as a ramekin of curry sauce.  He was a happy man.

Doner Haus quick lunch kebab Glasgow




Another top lunch from Döner Haus.  Quick and tasty.

The Oktoberfest menu is available until the end of October 2018 so get in quick!



Döner Haus
85 West Nile Street
G1 2SH

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Döner haus glasgow Oktoberfest

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