News: Demonstrations to be held in Glasgow and Edinburgh

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Bars to protest with ice over closures

Bars in Glasgow and Edinburgh are planning an “ice dump” protest over the planned coronavirus pub closures.

The demonstration will take place outside Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh and George Square, Glasgow ahead of the two-week lockdown.

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The closure of bars from 6pm on 9th October to Sunday 25th October is part of a “brake to the virus”.

After closing participating pubs will take their ice and dump it outside of  Holyrood in Edinburgh and George Square in Glasgow.

Pouring beer

The Edinburgh protest will start at 6pm, whereas the Glasgow protest will be at 7pm.

Protestor Graham Suttle, 41, Managing Director of Kained Holdings, operator of seven bars and restaurants

“Today’s protest is a harmless, damage-free and peaceful one. It is a visual representation of the sheer needless waste of produce, talent, time, money and ultimately jobs that this virtually baseless set of restrictions have imposed.”

“The hospitality industry has always gone above and beyond guidelines to help keep our customers safe, and indeed support our communities, but we are awakening to the realisation we are continuing to be used as scapegoats and cash cows for a government which clearly does not understand the industry, the networks and the livelihoods involved.”

”The torturous daily updates given by the First Minister have teased announcements over days and weeks, creating nothing but anguish and exacerbating an already crippling mental health crisis by unnecessarily tedious and drawn-out news-breaking. Just tell us – don’t drip feed day by day.”



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