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We met with one half of the Gastro Punx in the Go Slow cafe where their Guerilla dinning event will be happening.

There’s a wealth of talent hidden away in restaurant kitchens in Glasgow and Gastro Punx hope to bring their knowledge and skills to a more intimate setting.

Think of the delicious meals and expertise available at Cail Bruich, Hotel du Vin, The Buttery etc but in a more casual setting, so no need to dress-up or feel out of place – this is what Gastro Punx are all about.

Using top quality ingredients to create dishes that inspire and are a pleasure to eat. The guys behind the project have, between them, over 30 years experience – all over the world. This will be reflected in the dishes on offer with them refusing to be pigeon-holed into a cuisine type.

With plans to include seasonal local ingredients, think mushrooms, wild garlic etc, as well as to work with allotment owners to showcase local food.

The first event will be held in the Southside of Glasgow. With an informal dinner-party vibe, your favourite tunes on the playlist and food served by your chef, the event sounds like it will be fun and something a bit different for the Glasgow scene.

Keep an eye out for Gastro Punx on Twitter and Facebook.

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