Lower Drink Drive Limit comes in to effect 00:01 5 Dec 2014 – Hee Haw and Black Friday

Tennents Hee Haw low alcohol beer

Reduced drink drive limit in Scotland from 00:01 on December 5

A new  law to lower the limit from 80mg in every 100ml of blood to 50mg in every 100ml of blood comes into effect at 00:01 on 5th Decmber.

Police Scotland Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins said:

“Our message is don’t risk it, don’t drink and drive.

“Far too many people die or are injured each year on Scotland’s roads as a result of drink driving and the irresponsible disregard shown by drink drivers for not only their own safety but that of other road users and pedestrians.

“Evidence from across Europe, where the lower limit already applies, suggests we will see reductions in drink driving and a corresponding increase in lives saved.

“Remember if you do drink and drive, it can have long term repercussions for you, your family and your community. It could cost you your job, your reputation or potentially your life not to mention the effect your actions have on innocent parties.’

“There is no safe amount of alcohol in the body if you drive. Even at the new limit, you are three times more likely to die in a crash than if you had taken no alcohol. It is clear when it comes to drinking and driving, that the simple ‘the best advice is none’ message is the right one.

“If you are going out for a drink then leave the car at home.”



On top of this news Tennent’s have released a low alcohol lager named “Hee Haw”, I’m sure this is the only Christmas folk will be asking for Hee Haw!

We haven’t tried it yet, but another alternative to cola for if you are out socialising.  Remember that #BlackTFriday initiative runs over the festive season, more details here.


Tennents Hee Haw low alcohol beer

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