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Life Bucket List

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Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind and forget there are a million and one amazing experiences out there. Planning for these days helps keep the black dog at bay and motivation for another week towards pay-day!

I’ve put together 50 experiences that I would love to do before I get to the stage in life where I can’t do what I want to do.

What is on your life bucket list?

Life bucket list

1. Go to Paris by Eurostar, just for lunch.

2. Visit Pompeii.

3. Visit the blue lagoon in Iceland. (Done!)

4. See the Northern Lights.

5. See sunrise at Stonehenge.

6. Eat at one of the World’s 50 Best restaurants winners. (Done!)

7. Go on a cruise.

8. Take a tram in San Francisco.

9. Sleep in an Ice Hotel.

10. Visit Japan to see cherry blossom (Done!)

11. Eat a bagel in New York (Done!)

12. Grow my hair!

13. Fly in a hot air balloon.

14. Travel on the Harry Potter train to Mallaig.

15. Drive to Applecross Inn

16. Stay in a prison (Done!)

17. Afternoon tea at The Ritz.

18. Take part in La Rioja wine war.

19. Swim with dolphins.

20. Learn calligraphy.

21. Eat a midnight snack at Duck and Waffle.

22. Ride a camel (Done!)

23. Drink beer and eat mussels in Brussels.

24. Visit a sauna in Finland.

25. Visit Blackpool illuminations.

26. Eat street food in Hong Kong.

27. Travel in a bullet train in Japan (Done!)

28. Drink vodka in Russia.

29. Visit Oktoberfest in Munich.

30. Take part in La Tomatina in Spain.

31. Milk a cow.

32. Eat durian.

33. Visit Pripyat and Chernobyl (Done!)

35. Learn to make bread.(Done!)

36. Visit a Mayan city.

37. Travel on the trans Siberian railway.

38. Eat at all the three Michelin star restaurants in the U.K

39. Ride a Trabi in Berlin.

40. Bathe in an outdoor pool in Budapest.

41. Eat fermented shark (Done!)

42. Abseil off a crane. (Done!)

43. See the sunset in Santorini.

44. Visit the Channel Islands.

45. Join the mile high club.

46. Learn sign language.

47. Drink mojitos in Havana.

48. Shower in a waterfall.

49. Travel by rail throughout Europe (Some done)

50. Be happy.