Greek inspired cocktail night with Jet2 Holidays

jet 2 holidays cocktail competition

Jet2 cocktails inspired by Greek travels

One of the things that we have probably all had in common during this pandemic has been the desire to go on holiday. To lift our spirits and to showcase the routes to Greece being offered with Jet2Holidays, I joined a gaggle of other bloggers online for a cocktail masterclass.

jet2 holidays cocktail

Before diving into making the cocktails, we learned that fly to at least 16 Greek destinations, which I didn’t know. Jet2Holidays provide a holiday type for all at these destinations with everything from self-catering to half board and all-inclusive holidays. Whether you are looking for a last-minute holiday or looking to plan ahead, it seems like Jet2Holiays have it covered.

I got my toga on and sorted out the ingredients which were sent by Mixology Events, unfortunately, I didn’t think to freeze enough ice – schoolgirl error!

jet 2 holidays event

We settled down with our welcome drink, a Rhubarb Collins. This is made with Gin, Rhubarb Syrup and topped with Umbrella London Rhubarb cider. This one went down far too easily.

25ml London Dry Gin
25ml Rhubarb Syrup
Umbrella Rhubarb Cider to top
Apple Garnish

Rhubarb Collins jet 2 holidays

Next up was Rosemary and Pine Martini. This was a perfect summer drink for me, refreshing and light.

45ml London Dry Gin (one full shot, one 20ml)
20ml Elderflower Cordial
20ml Pineapple Juice
10ml Dry Vermouth
Rosemary sprig to garnish

Rosemary and Pine Martini

Then we had the Fringe Riviera, which is…

40ml Hennessy (one full shot, one 15ml)
15ml White Rum
15ml Lemon Juice (¼ of a lemon)
1 Spoonful Apricot Jam
1 Spoonful Runny Honey

french riviera cockail

The last masterclass cocktail, TT Fog Cutter should be served in a tiki glass for full effect, I mean look at this.

tt fog cutter cocktail

45ml White Rum
15ml London Dry Gin
12.5ml Cognac
10ml Pisco
45ml Orange Juice
15ml Lime Juice
15ml Orgeat
5ml Grenadine (with garnish)
15ml Overproof Rum (with garnish)

Now, don’t judge, I was three cocktails down by this point and didn’t have a tiki glass. As you can see, the cinnamon went everywhere, it was srill a good cocktail though, hic!

To get us even more excited about being able to travel again there was a cocktail competition with the chance to win a holiday to Greece – woohoo!

Due to the fact I made my way through 4 cocktails, I can’t remember the name of my cocktail or indeed the measures! 🥴But it tasted good and I remember the ingredients YAY! – Gin, Rum, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice with a garnish of Kumquat and grilled saganaki cheese – now how Greek is that!? Well, I’ve been to Corfu and I know that kumquats grow there and Saganaki cheese is a must-order dish from our favourite Greek restaurant in Glasgow, Yiamas, and citrus fruits also make me think of the Mediterranean.

jet 2 holidays cocktail competition




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