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Drink: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Calling cocktail competition

Is there a winning cocktail in Glasgow?

Would you like to visit two cocktail bars and try out some delicious cocktails? Yes Please!

Off Mr Foodie went to visit Boudoir Wine Bar followed by The Drugstore Social to try their entries in the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Calling Competition which was open to bartenders all over Scotland. At one point there were 100 entries but this was whittled down to a final shortlist of 11 and from this 3 lucky people will win a trip to New York and Lynchburg, Tennessee; the home of JD.

About the competition

Jack Daniel’s launched their first ever Glasgow Sessions after successful events in London and New York.

Tennessee Calling developed from these sessions, the idea being to create a new cocktail containing Jack Daniel’s. This programme seeks to encourage experimentation and allow bartenders to hone their craft.

As well as a liquid education, Tennessee Calling will see bartenders battle it out to win a career-changing trip to experience the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee and that’s in addition to a unique opportunity to work with the team behind legendary New York bar “The Dead Rabbit”.

The Cocktails

The first venue for Mr Foodie was Boudoir in the Merchant City and bartender Roddy Coyle.

Jack daniels Tennessee calling competition cocktails glasgow Boudoir

Inspired by past encounters with customers who were adamant that a JD and coke is a mans’ drink and a French Martini must be for a woman (I personally love a good French Martini), Roddy’s objective was to create a gender-neutral cocktail which both sexes can enjoy and neither should have shame in ordering! As well as Jack Daniel’s old no7 whiskey it has De Kryper White creme de cacao and a secret ingredient, giving it a soft Baileys-like taste with a whiskey edge. This would make a pretty good Christmas cocktail and the recipe can be found here.

Jack daniels Tennessee calling competition cocktails glasgow

Mr Foodie’s second cocktail of the night was “Friend of Jack” at The Drug Store Social with Julija Bernatovica.

Jack daniels Tennessee calling competition cocktails glasgow

Julija’s drink took its inspiration from Ms Mary Bobos, another famous Lynchburg resident, who lived to the grand old age of 102 (and surely owed her longevity to drinking lots of Jack Daniel’s!). She owned a restaurant where Mr.Daniel liked to eat so the goal here was to marry food and drink in homage to the two. Made using a “fat wash” which involves mixing the Jack Daniel’s spirit with fat, in this case duck fat, to create a thicker mouthfeel, the finished cocktail had a pronounced lasting jam/marmalade orange taste. Keeping the food theme going it was garnished by a little paper cone filled with roasted and salted walnuts!

See if you can figure out what the secret ingredients are! drugstore-social-jack-daniels-tennessee-calling-cocktail-competition-1


Keep an eye on Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Facebook page to find out more!

Jack daniels Tennessee calling competition cocktails glasgow

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