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Independent Wine

Have an independent Christmas in 2020

Italian wine specialists Independent Wine got in touch with us to taste some hand-picked Italian wines that could not only make your Christmas stand out this year but are also ideal for gifting as well.

Independent Wine

Christmas gift packaging is now offered for free with any order. Independent Wine also offers Zoom wine tasting parties for friends and family this Christmas and free UK delivery of premium wine, on all orders starting from just one bottle. 🍷

Demarie Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC 2017 

independent wine alba

Nebbiolo is the grape behind the famous Barolo and Barbaresco wines from the Peidmont region in the North West of Italy and this one, also from the region, is a really bright red colour with strong fruity aromas of raspberry and cherry and a dry, tart cranberry-like taste. It’s highly quaffable so a solid 4 out of 5 from ourselves. At £19.04 per bottle, it’s ideal for a present for a friend or yourself!

Also, this wine is made using eco-sustainable means on a site utilising solar panels, a biomass boiler and cellars insulated with modern materials to help to prevent heat loss and thus ensure an A+ energy rating. All water used in the winemaking is also recycled, being used to water plants around the building.

Awards and reviews: The WineHunter – Rosso (2015 vintage) | I Vini Di Veronelli – 2 stars | Luca Maroni – 93 points (2017 vintage)

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Carvinea Organic Primitivo | Salento IGP

independent wine primitivo

We are big fans of Italian Primitivo and this one, from the heel of Italy, is fairly unique on the nose, for a non-dessert wine it actually reminded us of marzipan, iced fruit cake and syrupy prunes – but also of more expected aromas of wood and leather from the oak-ageing. The taste is soft and smooth but with some tannins, expect flavours of blackberry jam and sour cherries with a dry finish.

This wine has won the 2020 Tre Bicchieri (Three Glasses) award in Italy, making it one of the finest in all of Italy – just over 1% of more than 40,000 wines entered receive the accolade. This one is £18.82 a bottle but we highly recommend both of the wines that we sampled.

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Both of these wines received 👍 from both of us.  Beautiful garnet like colouring, fruity and festive tastes and they hold well on their own as well as with food.



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Disclaimer: we were kindly provided with a bottle of each wine.

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