Hotel News: USB Charger points for easyHotel

easyHotel USB bedside phone chargers

Each time we go away I always say I’m going to keep x, y or z in the case so I’m not going argh I’ve left it behind.  But you know, I never do!

easyHotel have polled holiday makers to find out what they have left behind.  Answers have  included Fondue set, chest hair mousse, (???) Engelbert Humperdinck CDs and soap carving knives amongst the more unusual ‘left-behinds’

easyHotel USB bedside phone chargers

Thankfully, it looks like I don’t need to worry so much about picking up the USB plug as  easyHotel  are rolling out integrated USB charger sockets at bedsides to replace the most frequently left behind holiday item. That’s a plus point as I hate having to play hunt the empty socket and then balancing the phone somewhere at the other side of the room from my bed.

Asked what items people were most likely to leave behind when packing for a trip, the majority said phone chargers, followed by laptop chargers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, other toiletries, spare pants or socks, health cards, passports, tickets and books.

easyHotel USB bedside phone chargers

Jorge Rodriguez, easyHotel’s Chief Sleep Officer, said: “It used to be that our communities were people who lived around us, but these days with social media, our friends and communicates are worldwide. It can feel even more important to keep this connection when we’re away from home, so having a built-in ‘charge-free’ charger port by the bedside can help to keep the connection going.”

He added: “The mobile phone has actually enabled us to make our prices even lower. So many of the things that you’d have previously found in a hotel room, including alarm clock radios, are now built into a phone. If we don’t need to provide an extra and put all of our effort into comfortable beds and absolute essentials, we can be even more competitively priced.”

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