Have a cat friendly Christmas

Merry Christmas cat

Kitty friendly Christmas

Fred and Cleo have passed on some tips for a kitty friendly Christmas.

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That sparkly tree looks lovely, would look even better if I killed it and ate those shiny things!  Cats (and dogs) are just like kids – it all looks good and worthy of eating!  Baubles, tinsel (have you seen tinsel poo? 🤢), ribbons and wrapping paper can all be dangerous and costly to remedy if eaten.

Glasgow foodie Christmas tree


Mistletoe, poinsetta, Ivy, holly all look gorgeous and make the house look festive but they are toxic to pets.  Keep them out of paws reach.

Poinsetta Christmas


Foods containing raisins, sultanas and dates aren’t good for the animals, so keep those mince pies away from puppers.  Festive favourite chocolate can cause fits and upset stomach in doggos.

Christmas dinner

For the big meal itself, think about bones, they can splinter easily and get stuck in throats.  Alcohol in easy to reach glasses as well as in foods are not good for little stomachs.



Busy houses can mean stressed pets.  Used to the peace of homelife and suddenly all deez hoomans.  Make sure there’s a chill-out zone for some time out.  A den to hide in or somewhere up high to watch what’s happening and keep an eye on everyone.

Merry Christmas cat

Basically, think toddler, keep things that can be bad out of paws reach – presents with food, tinsel, baubles and plants.   Chill out and just like we shouldn’t, don’t give them too much to eat or there may be some 💩 or ££ to spend.


Have a merry and chilled Christmas

purrs from Fred & Cleo 🐾

Merry Christmas cat

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