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Halloween goodies from McGhees

McGhee's Let's Celebrate Hallowe'en 2

McGhee’s launches new seasonal collections with Halloween range

McGhee’s Bakery has launched a new seasonal collection of sweet bakes, ‘Let’s Celebrate ‘ Hallowe’en with McGhee’s range will be available now in selected Coop and ScotMid stores, leading independent retailers and local bakeries, across Scotland.

The range includes handcrafted, filled, frosted and decorated doughnuts, empire biscuits, loaded chocolate orange brownies and iced slices all in recyclable packaging.

McGhee's Let's Celebrate Hallowe'en 2Managing Director Mr Gordon McGhee, supported by a product development team which includes fourth-generation family member Russell McGhee, said: “We are all absolutely thrilled to launch this exciting new Let’s Celebrate range which is all about families and friends celebrating and enjoying time together, the very ethos of McGhee’s Bakery.
“Everything in the range is filled, decorated and frosted – and then some – by our skilled team of bakers on-site at our Glasgow headquarters, and we just can’t wait to see people across Scotland enjoying the Let’s Celebrate Hallowe’en with McGhee’s range.”

McGhee's Let's Celebrate Hallowe'en 2

The Let’s Celebrate Hallowe’en with McGhee’s range comprises:

Doughnuts – fresh ball doughnuts, filled with creamy vanilla custard, chocolate frosted and decorated with either NEW Hallowe’en sprinkles, hand-piped icing or spider’s web design.

Empire Biscuits – the classic Scottish sweet treat, these NEW spooky empires are sandwiched with a chocolate filling and feature Hallowe’en designs including the Spider’s web and their very own green Hallowe’en monster.

Loaded chocolate orange brownies – NEW chocolate orange version of our bestselling loaded brownie. Chocolate frosted, loaded with brownie chunks, Halloween hand piped design and sprinkles these treats will satisfy the hungriest of monsters!

Iced Slices – a 4 pack of soft toffee cake slices, topped either with fudge or chocolate frosting and finished with hand piped icing or Hallowe’en sprinkles.

McGhee's Let's Celebrate Hallowe'en 2

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