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KimchiRecipes (77 of 92)

21 authentic KIMCHI recipes – an innovative culinary project to introduce you to the recipes and culture of kimchi

Kimchi has been around for centuries but in recent times it has emerged from its cultural obscurity. It has linked communities together in Korea for thousands of years providing the population with nutritionally-balanced food throughout many harsh winter seasons.

KimchiRecipes (74 of 92)
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The basis of kimchi is essentially fermented and salted vegetables, especially Korean radish, Napa cabbage and cucumber, with many seasonings such as jeotgol (salted seafood), ginger, garlic, red chilli pepper and spring onions. Ever increasing numbers of the population are looking to improve their health by choosing easy convenient food to help ease their busy lifestyles; kimchi is the perfect solution. Its nutritional content is phenomenal with high antioxidant levels plus minerals such as calcium (for strong bones and teeth and iron (to prevent anaemia). The ideal food to help trim your body weight and keep healthy.

KimchiRecipes (77 of 92)
Image Togada Studio

Although it was once difficult to source, cooks are now finding it easy to access all of the ingredients that are required to make good quality kimchi – or you can find many suppliers of pre-prepared kimchi in jars or vacuum-packed pouches (filled with all fermented styles of vegetables) to suit everyone’s tastes. It’s worth investigating what options are available in the wider market.

Kimchi is a very versatile food, either as a stand-alone dish or combined with all of your favourite foods – such as eggs, grilled meats and baked fish – or equally delicious with a winter casserole.

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21 authentic KIMCHI recipes takes you on an unique journey that illustrates Korea’s culinary history and offers the reader the opportunity to learn more about the wonderful attributes of kimchi.

Take a look at the recipes online and download the free book, hopefully you will be inspired to learn more about kimchi and try it for yourself.



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