Frankensence & Myrrh Gin for Christmas

frankincense & myrrh’ Gin Burnley

The Spirit of Christmas from Burnley

Not the first place you would think for a Christmassy Gin, by the unique Made in Burnley ‘frankincense & myrrh’ Gin  has been chosen as December’s ‘Gin of the Month’ by the UK Craft Gin Club

Growing Burnley based micro gin distillery, Batch Brew, are delighted the UK’s Craft Gin Club chose their special seasonal edition of Premium Batch Gin with the unusual and festive botanicals of frankincense, myrrh as their December ‘gin of the month’.

Phil Whitwell, Director at Batch Brew Ltd, said: “We are delighted the Craft Gin Club chose Batch Brew to supply their December ‘Gin of the Month’. Thousands of Craft Gin Club members will receive a delicious bottle of our specialist gin this December and I’m sure it will add that special touch to their Christmas.

“The Craft Gin Club select one of the world’s finest small-batch gins every month, including rare and exclusive bottlings not available elsewhere, and send them to their members in a treat-filled Gin of the Month box, and everyone here at Batch are honoured that our gin has been picked for December.

“The spicy fragrance of frankincense and myrrh will be the first aromas club members will pick up on. It’s so unusual, making the Batch Premium Gin an ideal gin for Christmas. With the added subtle notes of cardamom and cloves, Batch Premium then settles into a juniper backbone and we can’t wait to get feedback from the Club Members.

Phil added: “This is one of our biggest orders to date. The team here at Batch have been busy getting the order ready and it will be a wonderful way not only to raise awareness of Batch Brew throughout the UK but also to put Burnley on the map for its quality micro distilleries.

“With the famous Moorhouse’s Brewery and their unique Pendle witch ales brewed here in Burnley and our growing gin and vodka range we are really putting Lancashire and Burnley on the map for quality distilling.”

“After the exciting December Gin of the Month distribution we are thinking ahead to 2018 with some exciting new gins in the pipeline, being launched under our new Batch Innovations brand – we’ll be releasing a new gin each month! We’ll be launching our Batch Innovations in January to tie in with the Chinese New Year with a Chinese inspired gin! We also have exciting plans to create a special rum in 2018 too.”

frankincense & myrrh’ Gin Burnley

Batch have also created their very own local mix that they’d lovingly named ‘The Burnley Bling’ – which pays tribute to a tradition dating back to the First World War which has made Burnley famous as the world’s biggest consumer of French Benedictine liqueur known as ‘Bene’ – the golden tipple has been a favourite in Burnley for more than a century after being popular among soldiers who developed a taste for it in France during the First World War and drank it to keep warm.

Batch’s special tribute lovingly brings together their gin and bene flavours to create the Burnley Bling and are sharing its special ingredients with you for Christmas 2017:

2 parts Batch gin,

2 parts Benedictine,

1 part Chambord,

1 part fresh lime juice,

half a part grenadine

topped off with soda water to your taste!


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