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foodie pen pals box

This months box comes from Lizzie all the way from the lovely Wales.

I near screamed and recoiled in disgust at seeing the licorice, nooo! didn’t she read my hate list?!  I read her accompanying letter, they don’t taste like licorice, maybe I can have the benefits of licorice without the taste.  I tentatively tried one.  Still a hint of licorice taste but bearable – yay!  Licorice is seemingly very good for your digestion which is always good when you eat (a lot!).

Homemade oat biscuits – oh my, these are delish, I think I might have to make a standing order for a monthly delivery of these.  Buttery and oaty mmmm.

Popchips – had these before aaages ago, healthy crisps, another yay!

Easter Eggs – these looked innocent but no boozy another yay – champagne and cherry brandy – hic!

Seasoning – Lizzie says she uses this on her roast spuds, good idea, will have to try that one – a new experience for me.

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