Foodie Pen Pals Reveal January 2014

Foodie pen pals box

Back into the swing of Foodie Pen Pals. If you’d like to sign up, please visit the Fabby blog of Carol at This is Rock Salt. This month my pen pal is Danielle from the Netherlands. Love having foreign foodie boxes, trying to decipher the instructions and different flavours too. Foodie pen pals box The box was stuffed to the brim! Sugar rice sweets Dutch version of rainbow drop sweets, very sugary. Nearly had a sugar coma with these. Burger mix foodie pen pals A packet for making chick pea burgers. Looking forward to trying this one. Always seeking different tastes for the ole burgers. Ie pen pals coffee biscuits waffle Mini waffle biscuits. Love these. They are perfect for on top of a morning espresso. The heat from the coffee melts the caramel inside 🙂 Foodie pen pals tuc crackers Danielle wanted to send cheese but customs don’t like that so she sent the next best thing, cheese tuc crackers. Not had a packet of these for years! Foodie pen pals Thai food Foodie pen pals Thai food Seemingly, there are a large number of Indonisians living I the Netherlands, so Danielle sent me these to try. Google translate will be used that night! Foodie pen pals Dutch Christmas spices Some Christmas spices as it’s still winter and comfort food time. I forgot to take a separate photo of the mints, but here they are beside the rest of the parcel. I’ve see these at the airport but never tried them. What a lovely parcel, something to make, ready made pastes, sweets and something just for a cuppa. Foodie pen pals box inside

Thank you to my online friend Martijn for pointing out the ones I had no idea about 🙂

Glasgow Foodie
Glasgow Foodie

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