**CLOSED**Food Review: Molly’s Cosy Cafe, 5 Abott Street, Shawlands, Glasgow

mollys cosy cafe shawlands glasgow,foodie

Traditional well-priced southside cafe

You know those days when you just need carbs?  Today was one of those.  A dreich summer day combined with a hole in my shoe made it a very meh day.  After being white van woman at the weekend and dropping off the van it was fill the belly o’clock.

Handily Shawlands isn’t all posh and fancy and has some good ‘ol cafes still around, with Molly’s Cosy Cafe standing up to the no-fuss and straight service challenge.

mollys cosy cafe shawlands glasgow,foodie
Outside Molly’s Cosy Cafe

It was full with a wide range of customers, pensioners, kids and mums.  All with big mugs of tea and full plates.

mollys cosy cafe shawlands glasgow,foodie

Today’s specials were Mac and Cheese as well as two types of soup and the dependable all day breakfast.

mollys cosy cafe shawlands glasgow,foodie
Some of the things on the menu

An all day breakfast as well as chips, cheese, curry sauce and roll with a mug of tea was ordered (told you it was a carb fest!).

There are newspapers, books as well as a shopping area to keep you occupied whilst waiting.  It wasn’t too long until the order arrived.

mollys cosy cafe shawlands glasgow,foodie
All Day Breakfast

You would think with being a foodblogger I would’ve remembered to take a pic of my own food!  But no, my chum went to take a phone call and with a meh brain day, no photo of  my grub :-(.

Never mind!, Mr C eating the all day breakfast gave it the thumbs up.  The food disappeared sharpish.  My chips, cheese and curry sauce with crispy roll hit the spot – see it’s not all posh dinners here!

The service was friendly, food delivered quickly and surroundings clean, including toilet.  The cafe is located just off Kilmarnock Rd (cul-de-sac at the side of the Co-Op) so is easy to get to. Molly’s Cosy Cafe also collect for various initiatives throughout the year.  Currently they are collecting food items.


+ cheap
+ friendly

– can get cold in the winter

Glasgow Foodie
Glasgow Foodie

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  1. Noton
    26/03/2017 / 9:05 am
    Adding opening times would be helpful especially for anyone looking for somewhere serving an early breakfast
  2. Mags
    18/01/2019 / 12:32 pm
    The best cafe in shawlands I love it great food service and friendly 5 stares x

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