Food Review – Burgermeister, 8 Oberbaumstrasse, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Burgermeister berlin street food

Under the U-bahn on an upturned beer crate

This is slow “fast” food – the queue is immense, the heat stifling and we are sitting on beer crates under a U-bahn line. Recommended by James V Burger, we of course had to check it out.



The actual “restaurant” site is an old pissoir, as long as you don’t mind that – I’m sure it’s clean now! – seriously it’s one of the cleanest looking takeaways we’ve seen. We arrived at a weekday lunch-time and the queue was huge.  I’d hate to see this late on a Friday night!


Burgermeister berlin

Mr Foodie was sent on his way to queue whilst I secured seats for us all.

There’s a standing area with tables, tables with slouch against seats, tables with proper seats as well as lots of beer crates around to be used as seating. It was so busy that we had to settle for beer crates.

Burgermeister berlin

With a  small menu, they stick to what they know best, there are eight burgers including a tofu burger, so there should be enough choice for most – vegetarians included, vegans perhaps not.

After a short wait our number was called and our order was ready.

Burgermeister berlin

cheeseburger €4.30, chilli cheeseburger €4.30 and chilli chips €3 odds.

The burgers were moist, seasoned well and the American cheese was perfect.  With a lightly toasted bun and just the right size for eating without making a mess.

Burgermeister berlin The chilli cheese fries consisted of chilli and American cheese topped with potent jalepenos.  Gooey and with enough kick.  The cheese here was delicious – think of yellow nacho cheese 🙂



Burgermeister berlin Burgermeister berlin

We sampled some good beer too – Rothaus Pils Tannenzäpfleas well as an unusual cola, orange lemonade mix called Mischmasch.



Overall, great price and I’d head to Berlin just for this – excellent burger!  Thumbs up to James.


Oberbaumstraße 8, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Burgermeister Website

Transport: Schlesisches Tor U Bahn – U1 line


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