Famous Grouse mouser has a spa day!

Turret famous grouse cat Crieff hydro

Turret takes a holiday at Crieff hydro

Sometimes life is just full of horrible news and you read something that give you a chuckle.  For those cat lovers amongst us, I’m sure you’ll love this story as well.

The Famous Grouse Experience’s distillery cat “Turret” went missing from his Perthshire home, his humans were distraught.   Turret has a most important role in welcoming the 80,000 visitors every year and supervising (supurr-vising?) operations.

Turret famous grouse cat Crieff hydro It must be a hard job being a distillery cat and I’m sure he needed a break, so he did!

Unfortunately he hadn’t put in for leave so when he failed to turn up for work one morning earlier this month, frantic staff launched a search party and a social media hunt which led to Turret being found at the nearby Crieff Hydro!

It seemed like Glenturret’s fabulous feline fancied a holiday and decided to check out the accommodation next door.

Turret famous grouse cat Crieff hydro

And, while he waited for his lift back to Glenturret, delighted Hydro staff treated the fussy feline to a marvellous mini-break, sampling the upmarket facilities.  What a cat!

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