easyHotel launch “Aroomatherapy”

easyHotel USB bedside phone chargers

easyHotel introduces “Aroomatherapy” service for guests

I seriously had to check the date with this one.  easyHotel are trialling bespoke sachets for guest rooms with
‘Aroomatherapy’ fragrance options include bacon, bread, coffee, chocolate, fresh grass, popcorn and bubble gum.

easyHotel USB bedside phone chargers
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The service will be trialled in the new easyHotels in  Sheffield, Leeds and Barcelona, which are all set to open in September. Each fragrance sachet will cost £4.99. You order your fragrance at reception and are given a sachet to open in your room.

Chapel House - breakfast bacon sandwich

A poll for easyHotel found that the smells associated the most with comfort are:

Freshly baked bread
A partner’s scent
Personal brand of washing detergent
Christmas dinner
Baking cakes
Sea air

I like bacon but having my hotel room smell of it is maybe a step too far! 😂


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