Drink: Grunting Growler Beers from 29th October

Grunting Growler craft beer Glasgow

As always, there are some rocking new beers in stock this week.

After a long hiatus, returning to the lineup is Tempest- Mango Berliner. It has nice easy going lemon tartness up front, and the mango flavours creep up on the back of the palate.

Grunting Growler craft beer Glasgow

We’ve also stocked up on black IPAs. They’re pretty much an IPA dressed up like a Stout with just enough subtle roasty-ness. They’re pretty much the perfect IPA to drink during the colder months.

Grunting Growler craft beer Glasgow

And given it’s Halloween, it’s only fair to go a bit pumpkin mad! Yes, that is a pumpkin sour in the middle there!

Grunting Growler craft beer Glasgow
And last, but not least, Cloudwater have released their new DIPA. If you don’t know much about this beer, then here’s the low down:

Cloudwater have a Double IPA that keeps getting rereleased with a slightly different recipe than the last. This is the 8th version aka v8, and it’s freaking awesome! Huge grapefruit flavours– as in MASSIVE!

Grunting Growler craft beer Glasgow

 Location: Grunting Growler, 51 Old Dumbarton Road, Yorkhill, Glasgow, G3 8RF

Grunting Growler

Opening Hours:

Monday closed

Tues – Thurs and Sun 12-8pm

Fri & Sat 10am – 10pm

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