Drink: Cocktails in the City, Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh

Drink: Cocktails in the City, Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh


I love any event that takes place at Mansfield Traquair as I think it’s a gorgeous venue, throw cocktails into the mix and I’m a happy lady.


Cocktails in the City is a great way to discover some new bars around Edinburgh as well as learn about some new drinks and spirits.

Voyage of Buck

Voyage of Buck is a new bar on Williams Street in the West End which was showcasing Daffy’s Gin with a Plum Smassshu. This was our favourite cocktail of the evening!


Nightcap, which popped up on York Place during Fringe partnered with Death’s Door gin for two very different cocktails, Dr’s Orders & 4c shake, made using an old style milkshake maker!

Bar Soba

Our second prize drink of the night came in a jam jar from Bar Soba and Grey Goose La Poire (that’s pear for those who don’t parle Francais) in the form of a Bon Mae Phaer.


Boombarbers were there with Whistle Stop Barber Shop, and Panda and Sons also had a barber’s chair set up, for any discerning gentlemen (or ladies) that needed a trim.


Funkin Cocktails, who produce cocktails mixes were serving Peach Better Have My Honey out of shakers for bloggers, or out of paper bags for non bloggers at The Cocktail Trading Company, visiting from Shoreditch in London.

Cat Ballou

Honourable mention must also go to The Ballad of Cat Ballou from The Blackbird, featuring Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, which came with a spritz of atomised perfume! Oooh laa laaah!

Cocktail currency

There was no cash on the evening, instead cocktail tokens could be bought using card and all drinks were a token each!

Those of you that follow us on Twitter will have seen we also went to a talk titled The Espresso Martini is Dead with Brew Lab and Arbikie gin. While it was interesting, we’re not entirely convinces that cold brew martinis are really the way forward.. maybe bartenders just need to be trained to make better espresso?!

All in all, a fantastic night was had, and I only wish I had the budget and the tolerance required to try all the cocktails that were on offer! Maybe next year!


I spend most of my life eating and drinking or thinking about food and drink, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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