Day Six of Foodiemas: Beer from Wooha Brewing Company – winner picked and notified

wooha brewing company beer scotlandWooHa Brewing Company have taken the beer world by storm since their launch in April 2015. They have been at North Hop, Craft Beer Rising (where we had a chance to taste their range) and a number of other events this year.

WooHa Brewing Company has made the decision to release all of its ale and lager in bottle conditioned format and they have their own bottling line on site to ensure consistency of product at all times. No filtration or forced carbonation means minimal meddling with the beer.  Instead WooHa Brewing Company chooses to use science, temperature, and importantly time to bring delicious ale to the consumer.

Located in the seaside town of Nairn, in the Scottish Highlands, the WooHa Brewing Company is situated on the tourist trail, perfectly placed to showcase Scottish produce to the thousands of tourists that visit Scotland every year.

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WooHa Brewing Company currently brew

WooHa Lager 5%ABV
WooHa Porter 5%ABV
WooHa IPA 6.2%ABV
WooHa Wheat 6.4%ABV

To find  out where you can buy Wooha Beer’s click here.

You can also buy them from Beers of Scotland who have a stall at the Christmas Market at St Enoch Square, Glasgow. Here you will find a wide range of other Scottish beers until Christmas!

beers of scotland stall glasgow christmas market st enoch square glasgow

Fancy winning three bottles of Wooha Brewing Company Beer?
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