Day Seventeen of Foodiemas: WIN Shetland Reel Gin Goodies

Shetland gin Christmas gift

Shetland Reel Ocean Sent Gin is a unique product using locally harvested seaweed.  This seaweed is washed and dried before distilling in their small copper pot still together with other carefully selected botanicals.

The result is a London Dry Gin with a surprising depth of flavour which also makes a fabulous cocktail base.

Shetland gin Christmas gift

We bought a bottle at the Scottish Juniper Festival in Edinburgh this year and really enjoyed it.

Find out where to buy Shetland Reel Gin here.

The box contains:
1x 20cl Shetland Reel Gin
1x Shetland Reel Glass
1x SR Cocktail Stirrer
2x Cocktail Cards

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