Day out with Cupid at VDeep


VDeep_leith_valentines_inside_boothBehind the scenes with Cupid

We had a laugh last week helping VDeep in Leith publicise their Valentine’s Day special (click here for more details!) that I had to share my images of Mr Foodie having fun.

It was an early start for us, the joys of one train an hour on the Cathcart circle (come on Scotrail time for at least two!) and then a trip through to Edinburgh.  It would be worthwhile however as we were going to VDeep which service delicious curry and has a great selection of beer as well.  A couple of pots of tea revived us after the journey. Honest, we don’t drink beer all the time.


Then it was time to get ready. There was much discussion, preening, changing of lighting and all sorts.  We really didn’t think there was that much work involved in a photo shoot.


Mr Foodie was enjoying this too much.


VDeep_leith_valentines_inside_boothIt all started to get a bit too much, Mr Foodie was flagging.


Poor cupid was getting tired.VDeep_leith_valentines_waitingHowever a glass of Roisin, soon put the colour back into those rosie wee cheeks!

VDeep_leith_valentines_beerThe finished image, or at least one of them

VDeep_Valentine glasgow foodie edinburgh

It was then time for some food. We now know why models are skinny, so much work!



Tickets for the VDeep VDay event are priced at £25 per person and can be booked by contacting the restaurant directly.

VDeep, 60 Henderson Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6DE

More information at:

Disco Booth at VDeep, Leith


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