Day Eleven of Foodiemas: WIN goodies from Gordon Street Coffee – winner picked and notified

Gordon Street Coffee Stacked Cups
Gordon Street Coffee

Gordon Street Coffee have been a fave of ours since they opened.  With two roasts on offer, there’s one to match each of us.  Mr Foodie likes a stronger flavour- so goes for the Glasgow roast, whereas Mrs Foodie likes a milder, smoother coffee.

As well as coffee, Gordon Street Coffee sell food, drink (including their own coffee-beer collaboration with Drygate Brewery) and have all the accessories needed by coffee lovers – V60 filters and filter papers etc.

This Christmas they are selling hampers with everything you need to get into coffee.

gordon street coffee hamper christmas competition win

Hampers come in 5 options and feature their freshly roasted on-site coffee. They have
many coffees available to add to the hampers making it perfect for any coffee lover as
a Christmas gift or as even a present to yourself!

1/ 2 x 250g bags of coffee + a 3 cup cafetiere OR 3 cup silver mocha pot for £25

2/ 2 x 250g bags of coffee + red V60 filter and filter papers for £20

3/ 4 x 250g bags of coffee for £28

4/ 2 x 250g bags of coffee + 8 cup cafetiere or 6 cup silver mocha pot for £30

5/ 1 x stone teapot and cup set + 1 box of tea £30

Hampers can also be made to order to any value just ask staff for details.

gordon street coffee hamper christmas competition win

Would you like to win one?  Enter below!

It’ll have

1 Aeropress…..
1kg of miracle on Gordon st roast
2 X 250g Glasgow roast
1 Gordon st Keep cup

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