Cook with Sumayya Usmani at Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Sumayya Usmani

“Spiced Kingdoms and Colonies” Cookery Class

Award winning food writer and Cookery teacher Sumayya Usmani, will be at Edinburgh New Town Cookery School  this autumn for a culinary journey through the Indian sub-continent.

“Spiced Kingdoms and Colonies” is a three-part cookery class taught over three Sundays in September, October, and November that will see Sumayya impart her extensive knowledge of the flavours and recipes of Pakistan to participants.

On this journey, participants will first discover authentic Bengali and Burmese flavours, then learn about the flavours of South India with its Portuguese influences before finally diving into North India’s royal Mughal cuisine.

Sumayya Usmani
The days will start at 9.45am with a talk and demonstration by Sumayya. You will then head to the kitchen where you will be cooking the recipes which will form lunch to be served in the dining room. The day will draw to a close at around 2.30pm after lunch.

Sumayya’s class will be an eye-opening and sensory journey into a world of many unknown recipes, spices and culinary history that will leave you with an eclectic repertoire of recipes.

All three classes of “Spiced Kingdoms and Colonies” can be booked together or separately. £125 per class.

3 September Eastern Spice: Flavours of Bengal, Burma and Eastern provinces
Recipes may include:
Fish Jhal Deya: Seasonal fish cooked in Bengali mustard and onion sauce
Ghee Bhaat: basmati rice in ghee
Khaow Suey: chicken or beef coconut milk and turmeric noodle soup
Sweet jaggery yoghurt

1 October: Coconut Monsoons and Red Chillies: Flavours of South India & Portuguese colony influences
Recipes may include:
Tamarind fish curry
Sambar daal
Kerala lamb
Mango Payasam

12 November: Kingdoms of Saffron: Flavours of North India & South and North Pakistan
Recipes may include:
Mughali lamb biryani
Mamtu dumplings with minted yoghurt and tomato sauce
Aubergine borani
Chicken rose korma
Shahi tukra saffron bread pudding

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