Christmas hot drinks and treats on the High Street

Tim Hortons Christmas

Christmas food & drink stops whilst shopping

Christmas shopping time is a good excuse for some treats and each year the offering at the big chains seems to get bigger. We checked out a few places in Glasgow for their festive offering.

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Starbucks have a huge selection of Christmas drinks on offer.  From Christmas brûlée latte to salted caramel hot chocolate.

Starbucks Christmas 2018

The candy cane hot chocolate looked enticing in the photo, the same couldn’t be said about the reality… no nice red stripes. Peppermint flavoured hot milk but little hot chocolate taste here.

Starbucks Christmas 2018

Some specials to eat alongside…

Starbucks Christmas 2018

Salted caramel hot chocolate muffin – dry, you really need that drink to go with this…I actually gave up feeling that it was a waste of calories! There’s a dinky amount of salted caramel sauce in the middle.

On the other hand the salted caramel christmas tree was a gooey and tasty crispy cake 😍.  Get this one, if you go! 👍

Disappointed with Starbucks, not only did it not look anything like the promo pics but it took forever to get  my hands on. More staff are needed to make drinks and tidy up, and the tables are all scuffed – for the price of the drinks, come on Starbucks!!!



I usually get the Black Forest hot chocolate from Costa, a big fave of mine.  However, this time I spied a bonfire spiced latte (ok, so this was maybe just a November special).

Costa coffee Christmas

Costa coffee Christmas

Ultimate Christmas toastie. Mmmm smoked bacon and sage & onion stuffing, with béchamel sauce and cranberry sauce on cheese topped bread. Tasty and Christmassy. Just don’t open it for a look…

Costa coffee Christmas
Brie, bacon and Cranberry panini – gooey cheese and sweet cranberry with chewy bacon on a toasted panini. Again, don’t open it up as it looks awful! Just eat and enjoy.  Mr C still gave this a thumbs up.

Costa coffee Christmas
Jumble berry loaf cake.  Bit dry, could do with a bit of butter (or more fruit 😉).

Costa coffee Christmas

The bonfire spiced latte has probably gone from the menu now 🙁 so I’ll just rub it in by saying it was very tasty.  Just like speculoos biscuits – slightly spicy and sweet.

Tim Hortons

Timmys do good drinks, the food…not as good.  So I stuck to what I like and picked a gingerbread hot chocolate.  Creamy chocolate taste with a strong taste of gingerbread.  Just like a melted cake 😍

Tim Hortons Christmas


A millionaires hot chocolate from McDonalds.  Chocolate, caramel and surprisingly good.  Would pop in to get this again. It nearly looked as good as the advert too!

McDonald’s Christmas

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