Christmas Gift Ideas from Glasgow and Edinburgh Restaurants

Christmas Gift Ideas from Glasgow and Edinburgh Restaurants

29 Glasgow start the gift giving at a different level this year and one that I have my eye on (no looking Mr Foodie!)

Fed up eating the same steak?  How about your own cow?  Not as stressful as trying to unwrap a cow, 29 Glasgow offer a gift voucher with 10 dishes available.  For £225 you can have the following:-

Porterhouse steak – Ease yourself in with this classic, hung for 35 days in- house

Spider steak – weighing around 120g and found in the hollow of the hip joint, this cut is very tender since it is a muscle that isn’t used much.Normally kept as a treat by butchers, the cut is difficult to remove, with 5 strips of cartilage weaved through the small piece, resembling a spider’s web.

Short ribs- part of the plate primal, these are cut from the meaty bone tips of the 7-bone rib roast.The tender meat slides from the bone, making for a succulent dish.

Tri-tip – Cut from a triangle shaped muscle from the bottom part of the sirloin, this can be cooked in a variety of ways.From being roasted whole on a rotisserie, smoked in a pit, baked in an oven, grilled, or braised, the tri tip maintains a strong beefy flavour.

Teres Major– a seldom used muscle in the shoulder, this cut is tender and juicy and is quickly gaining popularity in stylish restaurants.It is very difficult to extract from the cow but certainly is worth the effort.

Bavette – This open-trained meat from the sirloin flap is cooked on a high heat and sliced thinly across the grain.

Flat iron- cut from the flavourful chuck, it is soft and marbled. This comes from butterflying with a top blade razor and remaining gristle from the middle. It is slightly tougher than most other cuts but is packed with flavours.

Hanger steak – This comes from the part of the cow hanging closer to the ground.It’s strong and offers a full, beefy flavour and richness of more expensive cuts of meat like ribeye or strip.

Tongue – Beef tongue, a treat for older generations, is particularly good boiled with spices. Often put in stew, the longer left on a steady heat, the more tender and flavourful it becomes.– Why not be a bit more tongue in cheek by ordering this delicacy? Cooked to the point of being melt-in-your-mouth tender, beef cheek is excellent alongside a ragu sauce.


Award Winning Head Chef, David Friel, then cooks the cuts on a specially designed char-grill to sear the outside and keep the inside tender and juicy.

*Meals need to be booked 48 hours in advance by gift card holders

For more information on 29 Private Members Club, please visit:

The Rogano

One of Glasgow’s well loved institutions, The Rogano, are offering a feast of decadence in their Art Deco surroundings.

You can start by adding the Rogano cookery and history book (£30) giving your foodie a chance to prepare long-standing dishes from some of Scotland’s best chefs. Alongside recipes for favourite dishes (think lobster thermidor and sole meuniere) and classic cocktails, you will also find testaments from celebrity patrons and stories from life behind the scenes.

Or how about some vouchers. Prices start at £25, give your foodie something to look forward to and banish those January blues.

The Butchershop Bar and Grill

You can also choose a gift voucher online and they can send it instantly by text or email, or personalise a voucher & they’ll print & post it in a Luxury Gift Wallet. Orders are posted the same day if made before 12 noon Mon-Fri, and can also be sent by Recorded Delivery.

The last posting day for Christmas is 20th December, although vouchers will be printed & posted until 23rd December. Vouchers purchased between 23rd December & 6th January will be printed & posted on 6th January 2014.


Wedgwood the Restaurant

The Wedgwood in Edinburgh offer gift vouchers in multiples of £20. Ideal to spend at the Scottish Licensed Trade Awards Restaurant of the year (under £35).
Wedgwood can be found here.

The Kitchin

General gift vouchers as well as for various packages can be found at The Kitchin. Packages include Surprise Tasting Menu and set lunch experience.

More details here.

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