Christmas cakes from Jenkins & Hustwit bakery

jenkins and hustwit cakes

Traditional festive goodies from Yorkshire

Today, Thursday 26th November is National Cake Day so if you’re planning on buying some goodies for Christmas, which I’m sure you are, Jenkins & Hustwit are a traditional bakers from Yorkshire who we have just been introduced to, who have an array of festive cakes and afternoon bakes on offer.

Jenkins & Hustwit are Ann Hustwit and Hilary Jenkins, two farmers’ wives, who met while working as cookery teachers in a local school. Each wanted to pass on the delicious family recipes and farmhouse cooking that they grew up with and still enjoy. They are famous for their cakes, and rightly so.  As you can see below, they are filled with plump fruit.

jenkins and hustwit honey ale cake

The Honey & Ale Loaf Cake combines the sweetness of honey and the bitter edge of traditional ale. This dark, rich cake is packed with fruit.  Serve it Yorkshire style with a cheeseboard, or on its own as a sweet snack.

jenkins and hustwit iced cake

Another cake for this time of year is an iced rich fruit cake.  If you planned to make your own but would prefer to buy one then you no longer need to worry about buying the ingredients, factoring in time for cooking and cooling and then trying to make icing that tastes this good. This is a rich cake packed full of currants, sultanas, raisins, mixed peel and glacé cherries topped with a layer of icing and marzipan.

jenkins and hustwit cakes

As well as these traditional Christmas cakes, Jenkins & Hustwit also sell traditional local delicacies and old-fashioned favourites, like Northumbrian Rice Cake and Granny Cake, which dates back to WW2 rationing. There are also ginger and Madeira cakes, and a traditional tea loaf. Plus adapted reduced sugar, fat and gluten-free cakes and puddings.

Where to buy

Online via the Jenkins & Hustwit website

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Disclaimer: we received a selection of cakes to sample at no cost to ourselves.


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