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chompsky glasgow korean pop up

Pop­up and street food company, Chompsky, will be bringing a taste of Korea to Glasgow’s west end at their latest event on Saturday March 7th at Booly Mardys.

Running from 12pm to 9pm, food lovers will be treated to an exciting array of delicious Korean Street Food.

Chompksy is a brand new food company from two chaps caller Andy and Tom,

Tom commented:
“Pop­up and street food is a long established institution around the world, and has long been fashionable in metropolises like London and New York, but has yet to really take off in Glasgow. There are some brilliant companies offering incredible food, but it hasn’t become the phenomenon that it has been elsewhere. And generally companies are offering one distinct kind of food – pizza, Indian, burgers, doughnuts etc – and doing that very well.

We want to change it up, keeping the food offered at each event as varied and diverse as possible. We also want to give people cuisines that most have not experienced before, inspired by travel, restaurants in other areas, or simply our own imaginations.

The aim of the game is simply to give people the option for something delicious and new, and have them try it at prices that don’t break the bank.

We are obviously not spearheading street food in Glasgow – we are walking a beaten path, as there have been several fantastic pop up nights in Glasgow already.
The Mexican night with Street Food Cartel at SWG3 was one of our favourites, and there are quite a few pop up companies whose work we love. We simply want to continue their success and develop upon their ideas.

We have decided to do a Korean night first because this is going back to the roots of street food – it has been standard in east Asia for years and years.
The food therefore fits very well into this format. It is not of course the first time Korean has been available in Glasgow – Shilla is one of our favourite restaurants in this city – but it is the first time Korean food has been presented in this way, and we are throwing a few surprises in too.

As for the future, we want to be doing as many events, as much as possible. We have so far been a bit frustrated with Glasgow City Council’s food licensing laws, and for now have to stick to established venues – pubs, bars and cafes with food licenses of their own – as great pop up foodies like Smoak have done before us.
We want to be popping up wherever we like though – disused properties, old warehouses, living rooms – and this is something we will be fighting hard to do.

For the time being, we are exploring two big events every month, with a few little bits and bobs in between.”



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