Chinese New Year in Edinburgh

chinese new year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which means it’s time for the annual consideration of the best of Chinese dining across our cities. We covered Glasgow here and so for Edinburgh we asked our lovely chums at Lunchquest to share their choices for Chinese New Year dining in the capital.  Please check them out on Twitter, you’ll love their dry humour and honest reviews!

chinese new year

Here’s a small selection of places Lunchquest have enjoyed of late:

Tasty Noodle, on Edinburgh’s Buccleuch Street in the heart of student land is a low-priced and high quality noodle and noodle soup joint.

B&D’s Kitchen in Dalry is the best place for Chinese food in Edinburgh. It has a similarly informal feel to Friends in Glasgow. Their hakka beef and hakka pork dishes are outstanding.

Of the rest, Wing Sing Inn on Dundee Street, not far from B&D’s packs in quite a menu of oddities including a mystery dish called water swamp morning glory. It’s worth a visit if you’re feeling adventurous.

For takeaway and delivery, Szechuan Kitchen in Haymarket is one of the more reliable options.

Hopefully this gives you some useful pointers if you’re looking to celebrate the Chinese New Year with some traditional fare. Here’s hoping the Year of the Monkey treats you well.

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