Chef Andrew Fairlie has died

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I didn’t know what to write as a title. So I’ve kept it brief and simply that chef Andrew Fairlie has died.

He was actually diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2005 but successfully battled it until recently when he let it be known how terminal it was, so stepped back from the running of his Gleneagles restaurant to enjoy the rest of his life and marry his partner Kate White.

We dined at his restaurant, to celebrate Mr Foodie’s birthday in April 2016 and we met him a few times at various events, I didn’t know him as a real friend but I felt that I knew him better than I did. He was friendly, passionate but not full of bravado. I liked this in him, as did many others. He knew his skills and his achievement as Scotland’s only two Michelin star chef was a testament to this. He has also donated significant sums of money to boost brain tumour research.

I didn’t know you very well Andrew, but you were a decent guy and you will be missed.

Rest now.

scotty brand andrew fairlie salad
Final touches to lunch by Andrew Fairlie


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