felix the pet shop christmas cat gift

Christmas Gift ideas for Cats

Cats! Are you feline festive? Fred and Cleo, our cats, are the bosses in this household so it's important that we pick the right things for their Christmas - e.g. cat treats and lots of them! Here are some gift ideas for those jelly-beaned furry critters in your life. Bottomless Bowl Subscription The Bottomless Bowl auto

Square pie product review

Product Review: Square Pie

It’s hip to be square It’s the time of year for comfort food and what better to keep you warm and fill your belly than a pie (or a handful of small ones!), I saw Square Pies in the freezer section of Waitrose (Sainsbury’s also sell them I think) and thought I’d gave them a

tomatin whisky five virtues earth

Drink: Tomatin Earth added to Five Virtues whisky range

Tomatin’s Five Virtues range expands Tomatin has released another expression from its Five Virtues range.  Joining Wood and Fire is the third whisky, Earth, and we received a wee sample to taste test. Inspired by the natural elements involved in the production of Tomatin whisky, Five Virtues includes Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  I was

Nespresso compatible pods mugpods

Review: Nespresso compatible hot chocolate from Mugpods

Finally, hot chocolate for Nespresso in the UK! We are still fairly new to the world of Nespresso having previously owned a Tassimo for a number of years, which has a wealth of hot chocolate options such as Cadbury’s, Oreo, Suchard's and Milka but it's been a slow process finding alternatives for our Nespresso machine, which is

Nespresso on Ice limited edition

Product Review: limited edition Nespresso on Ice

The Perfect Iced Coffee at Home Nespresso launches two limited edition Iced Coffee Flavours We haven't had much of a sunny summer here, but with the humidity iced coffee at home still sounds like a plan to me. And so, Nespresso has released two varieties in limited edition packs: Intenso On Ice and Leggero On Ice.

Turmelicious turmeric drink

Product Review: Turmelicious Turmeric Drink

Turmelicious Turmeric drink Turmeric is much more than an ingredient in a curry.  It's been widely recognised as beneficial to health, being used in ayurvedic and traditional eastern medicines. Curcumin, the yellow pigment in turmeric, is said to reduce inflammation with the possibility of reducing pain and swelling in people with arthritis. Other health benefits

salter panini grill featured image

Product Review: Salter Marble Health Grill and Panini Maker

A healthier way to cook Gadgets, I love them. However, my kitchen top doesn't have the space for them, so in order for a gadget to stay, it has to be exceptional. Remember the grill fad a few years back?  Yeah,  I did that as well.  A HUGE big grill dribbling fat all over the

makar gin salmon loch Fyne

Makar Gin-infused Loch Fyne salmon

Loch Fyne debut Makar Gin-infused smoked salmon Mr Foodie recently visited The Glasgow Distillery Co., the makers of Makar Gin to find out more about the gin and their brand new collaboration with Loch Fyne Oysters. This isn't the first time that Loch Fyne Oysters have collaborated with a drinks producer. Canny observers may recall their "This

Henry Denny's fire and smoke BBQ bacon medallions

Product Review: Henry Denny’s Fire and Smoke

Total Danbert We are partial to a roll n' bacon (and tattie scone!) around here but are find ourselves often dismayed with bacon that shrivels up and expels water all over the pan. Anyway, whilst wandering around Morrisons we spied some bacon on their promo area at £2.  We'd never heard of Henry Denny's Fire

fred marmite christmas name

Personalised Marmite Jars

Do you love Marmite?  Then rejoice, as you can get a pot of the love/hate stuff with your name of it.   Fred, being Chief Taster, let his hoomans get him one. You can get one by clicking here.  All jars, no matter the name, will cost £4.99. Cleo tried to get in on the