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Accommodation review: Intervarko Hostel, Berlin

When you think of hostels don't think of smelly dorms, think of private rooms on a budget! We often stay in private rooms within hostels.  They are generally a lot cheaper than hotels, you can sometimes get an en-suite bathroom and you can meet other travellers easily.  No need to worry about sharing a room

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Berlin Blog Day 4

Our last full day of this quick trip to Berlin. Usually, it's food first before we get hangry, however on our doorstep was an unusual fountain called the Märchenbrunnen, this fountain of fairy tales is in the volkspark Friedrichshain in east Berlin. Completed in 1913, it was partially destroyed by WWII and rebuilt afterwards with a further refurbishment

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Berlin Blog Day 3

Breakfast today was a highly technological affair at Data Kitchen.  The courtyard setting could be a million miles from the busy Hackesher Markt area outside.  Inside meeting spaces and food mingle.  We settled down and ordered our breakfast through the app (you can borrow an Ipad or order through their website as well - Data Kitchen).

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Berlin Blog day 2

Another fresh and bright morning in Berlin.  On this trip we stayed in Prenzlauerberg and had breakfast at Cafe Melon beside a tram stop to Alexanderplatz. A busy cafe, popular with locals and holidaymakers alike. We picked scrambled eggs and their Berlin breakfast. The Berlin breakfast consisted of cheese, ham, salad and boiled egg with rolls and

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Berlin Blog Day 1

When you find £20 return flights to your favourite city it's a no brainer.  So off we went to Berlin for our 6th time (though Mr Foodie has been 7 times the lucky ******). It was our first full day in Berlin and we had time for a walk from our digs to breakfast.  We

Prora nazi hitler butlins

Travel: Prora – Hitler’s Butlins on the Baltic Coast

Mein Camp - the Nazi Butlins A few years back on a holiday to Berlin we took the train up to the Hanseatic city of, and UNESCO World Heritage site, Stralsund then headed over to the island of Rügen (parts of which are also listed by UNESCO) to visit the beach resort of Prora. Location

24 hours in berlin

Travel: 24 hours in (East) Berlin

What see and do in 24 hours in (East) Berlin Could you get the essence of Berlin in 24 hours? It's a tough call but we think you can do it! To us, Berlin is the heart of Europe.  A cultural star, where east met west and two different ideologies played out with only a

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Travel to do: Berlin Breweries

Berlin Breweries on a map Visiting Berlin and not trying out at least one of the cities fine craft beers would just be rude, we have a list of some fine establishments to get your beer fix and have them on a map for easy locating. Prost! Kindl-Schultheiss Brewery (Indira-Gandhi-Straße 66-69, Berlin-Hohenschonhausen) Berliner-Kindl-Schultheiss-Brauerei Vagabund  Brauerei V(Antwerpener

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Travel To Do: Gleis 17, Grunewald, Berlin

  Dark history of Platform 17 Located in the beautiful Grunewald area of Berlin is the railway station Berlin-Grunewald with its castle gate building and forest location. Underneath this fairy tale like exterior is a dark history. Starting on 18 October 1941 until February 1945 platform 17  was one of the major sites of deportation

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Food Review: Cafe Sibylle, 72 Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin, Germany

Classic East Berlin brunch spot to watch the world pass by Open since 1953 this was,  and still is, one of Berlin's most popular cafes. Café Sibylle is a perfect place for brunch when visiting Berlin. With its retro, modernist/communist styling and set in the midst of the lengthy Karl Marx Allee, be sure to