Data kitchen berlin

Food review: Data Kitchen, Berlin

The future is now at Data Kitchen Breakfast is always our favourite time of day in Berlin, especially in summer where you can sit in the sunshine and relax over delicious goodies. But here is somewhere just a little different...Data Kitchen in Mitte.  Order your breakfast, lunch or dinner in advance using their app -

Düsseldorf brewery trail beer crawl of Düsseldorf

Travel: 5 must visit breweries in this Dusseldorf Beer Trail

5 Must Visit Breweries in this Dusseldorf Beer Trail. If there’s one thing they do well in Düsseldorf is make beer.  Here are five breweries within walking (staggering) distance of one another for a brewery beer crawl. Embrace the Düsseldorf way and wander along our Dusseldorf beer trail 🍺 Prost! Füchschen Start off at Brewery im

Rogacki Berlin

Food review: Rogacki, Berlin

Rogacki delicatessen Made famous outwith Berlin by Anthony Bourdain, Rogacki (pronounced Ro-gatz-ki) is a deli located in Charlottenburg in what was once West Berlin. The former stable is home to a wealth of food with counters filled with cheese, cured and fresh meats,cured and smoked fish, sausages, salads,  bread and poultry. Rogacki has been in

Photo booth Berlin

News: Love Berlin? Easyjet Holidays have a 4 for 3 deal

Berlin Flash Sale – Stay Another Day: 4 Nights for the Price of 3 with Easyjet Holidays It’s no secret Mrs Foodie likes Berlin so I’m sharing this news from Easyjet Holidays  as it could save some £, or be the push you need to visit this amazing city. If you book a trip between

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall now gone for as long as it stood

Dividing the city of Berlin for 28 years The Berlin Wall stood for 28 years, slicing through the city dividing East from West.  Monday 5th February 2018 is a turning point in the history of Berlin and Germany.  For the first time, the wall has been gone for as long as it stood. What was

Wohlfahrt's wirtshaus Austrian restaurant Berlin

Food Review: Wohlfahrt’s Wirtshaus, Berlin

Discovering Austrian cuisine in Berlin Think of Berlin for food and it's Turkish pizza, a kebab or maybe currywurst? Delve deeper into the many neighbourhoods and you'll find much more. We love Berlin and each time we return we try to seek out new districts and new places to discover off the tourist trail. We

Stasi Prison Berlin

Travel: Stasi Prison, Berlin

One upon a "crime" in East Berlin Visiting the Stasi prison museum is a stark reminder of the horrors humans inflict upon each other. The official name is the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial (German: Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen) and it is separate from the main Stasi museum near Frankfurter Allee.  Located in the Lichtenberg district, it's further out than

Hotel hostel intervarko budget Berlin

Accommodation review: Intervarko Hostel, Berlin

When you think of hostels don't think of smelly dorms, think of private rooms on a budget! We often stay in private rooms within hostels.  They are generally a lot cheaper than hotels, you can sometimes get an en-suite bathroom and you can meet other travellers easily.  No need to worry about sharing a room

Berlin Blog Day 4 glasgiw food blog Foodie explorers

Berlin Blog Day 4

Our last full day of this quick trip to Berlin. Usually, it's food first before we get hangry, however on our doorstep was an unusual fountain called the Märchenbrunnen, this fountain of fairy tales is in the volkspark Friedrichshain in east Berlin. Completed in 1913, it was partially destroyed by WWII and rebuilt afterwards with a further refurbishment

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Berlin Blog Day 3

Breakfast today was a highly technological affair at Data Kitchen.  The courtyard setting could be a million miles from the busy Hackesher Markt area outside.  Inside meeting spaces and food mingle.  We settled down and ordered our breakfast through the app (you can borrow an Ipad or order through their website as well - Data Kitchen).