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Cat Cafe Review: Maison de Moggy, 17 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2JA

Maison de Moggy is a pop-up cat café in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh. Opening in January of this year, it’s home to ten gorgeous pedigree cats. These are pampered kittehs with drink fountains, chez lounge and even their own discreet toilets.

Maison de Moggy cats cat cafe Edinburgh
Outside Maison de moggy

As it’s a new concept on these shores (Maison de Moggy is the first cat café in Scotland) you have to read a list of rules before you enter but they’re all fairly common-sense and intended for the cats’ well-being.  Some hand sanitizer and shoe covers later, we were in the midst of kittenville.

Maison de Moggy cats cat cafe Edinburgh
Interest from passers by

The café is split into two areas.  Main cafe and play area at ground level with downstairs being a chill out zone with a more subdued feel.

Maison de Moggy cats cat cafe Edinburgh
Downstair’s lounge

For £6 during the week or £7 at weekends, you get an hour of cat time.   This can be spent sitting with a cuppa and some cake watching them prowl about, attacking each other and then becoming best pals again or playing with them yourself.

Maison de Moggy cats cat cafe Edinburgh
Gorgeous Pauline posed for us

All of the cakes are bought in from local producers should you have any hygiene concerns.

Maison de Moggy cats cat cafe Edinburgh
Cat friendly reading material

We had a natter with owner Laura O’Neil who explained her love of cat cafés after visiting Tokyo.  She thought that there was a gap in the market here for people who love cats but can’t get one due to partner allergies, rental agreements or their lifestyle.

But even for those who can and want a cat at home, the café is also a means of discovering which type of cat would suit you as the temperaments of each breed can be very different.

Maison de Moggy cats cat cafe Edinburgh
Gossiping cats
Maison de Moggy cats cat cafe Edinburgh
The cats love climbing up high
Maison de Moggy cats cat cafe Edinburgh
The queue for the toilet!
Maison de Moggy cats cat cafe Edinburgh

We had a lovely time at Maison de Moggy, beautiful cats, friendly nannies and good local tea and coffee!  On returning to Glasgow we tried to pretend to our own two cats that we hadn’t been out playing with other cats but we were sussed – many Dreamies had to be purchased before they forgave us!

Slots can be booked online at Maison de Moggy

EDIT: when we visited Maison De Moggy were based at 26 Hamilton Place in Stockbridge but they are now located just off the Grassmarket in the Old Town at 17 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2JA.

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