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Black Coconut ice cream at Malmaison

Two new limited edition ice creams are on offer at all the Malmaison’s hotels this summer and they sound right up my street. Black coconut or if that’s too crazy Pina Colada.

Black coconut malmaison limited edition ice cream

The black coconut colour comes from vegetable ash which creates activated charcoal, and is then mixed with coconut cream, topped with chocolate popping candy and served in a coconut shell. I love coconut ice cream so this sounds and looks delicious.

If black coconut doesn’t sound like your thing or are  looking for something more traditionally tropical, there’s a Pina Colada ice cream. Infused with white rum, topped with freeze dried raspberries and glace cherries, and served in a baby pineapple. I think this ones for me, love my retro foods.

Pina colada malmaison limited edition ice cream

Both limited edition ice creams cost £5.50 and will be available across Malmaison’s 15 hotels to take away or eat in from the 10th July.

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