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Tonight sees the launch of Bistro In Vitro, an online science fiction documentary about the future of meat with an online fictional lab-grown meat restaurant as its main platform.

Time: May 6, 16:30
Doors open: 16:30. The presentation starts at 17.00. Make sure to be on time.
Location: LAB 111. Arie Biemondstraat 111, 1054 PD Amsterdam.

Note: There will be no tastings of lab-grown meat or drinks.

With the world’s population expected to reach nine billion people by 2050, it’s becoming impossible to produce and to consume the same quantities of meat like we do today. Climate change, energy use, animal diseases and global food shortages are just some of the problems facing mankind, not to mention the issue of animal welfare on factory farms.

With this in mind, Next Nature Network and Submarine Channel present Bistro In Vitro, an online documentary, a science fiction about the future of meat in the form of a chic fictional virtual restaurant. What if a restaurant like Bistro In Vitro would exist tomorrow? What would it look like and what would be on the menu? On the restaurant website you will find photos, texts and videos of future culinary creations along with video interviews with visionary scientists, experts, renowned chefs and critics. Bistro In Vitro aims to reflect on the ethics, aesthetics and prospects of lab-grown meat. Bistro in Vitro makes people think and wants to instigate a discussion on a possible new food culture.

More info about Submarine Channel can be found on

More info about Next Nature Network can be found on

bistro in vitro lab grown meat food drink glasgow foodie

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