New Opening Bibimbap in Glasgow

Bibimbap west nile street Glasgow foodie explorers

New Korean restaurant in Glasgow: Bibimbap

Is Korean food the next big thing in Glasgow? Who remembers when all we had was Silla (or Shilla or Kokuryo as it was once known) and then there was the short-lived Bó Kantina, then along came Seoul, which became Mujigae; then Kimchi Cult!.

Now we have a brand new city centre Korean restaurant ideally situated on West Nile Street between Central Station and Queen Street Station in the space where the Riverhill restaurant used to be and it opened today! Curious about the name?  What is Bibimbap and how do you say it?

It’s pronounced “bee-beem-bahp” and once you’ve tried a bowl, you’ll be smitten (hopefully!)

Bibimbap west nile street Glasgow foodie explorers

It’s basically Korean comfort food and this will surely go down well in Glasgow. Literally meaning  “mixed rice”, Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with sautéed vegetables and chili pepper paste, soy sauce, or fermented soybean paste.   A raw or fried egg and sliced meat are usually added.  You then mix all of these together to make a big bowl of rice/veg/meat tastyness.

Bibimbap west nile street Glasgow foodie explorers

The restaurant looks pretty colourful.


Menu Bibimbap west nile street Glasgow foodie explorers

As well as Bibimbap on the menu there are other Korean goodies such as Kimchi (of course),  (rice rolls), deopbap (more rice bowls) and fried chicken.  Plus soup, noodles and more.

Mr Foodie will be running in for his kimchi fix soon I’m sure.




3 W Nile St  Glasgow G1 2PR

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