Barbarossa, Clarkston Road, Cathcart, Glasgow – Aug 2011



Ventured to Barbarossa which is next door to Cathcart Railway Station.  Always one we had meant to try and due to a Groupon deal we were able to cheaply.






Scallops with sun dried tomatoes and bacon.  Lovely salty and crispy bacon combined nicely with the fleshy scallops.





Black truffle ravioli – soft, tasty – could’ve been warmer but otherwise very happy.



Venison with fondant potatoes, veggies and a thyme and juniper jus – rich gravy, smooth venison and gorgeous potato.


seabass with mash and veggies.  Crispy yet fluffy seabass.  Full of flavour.  Buttery mash without a lump.



cheesecake of the day – strawberry with candied lemon. fresh and creamy tasting. Biscuit bases was crunchy and buttery.

Cheeseboard. The honey pot was a good idea – went well with the blue cheese. My gripe always with cheese boards – tell people what the cheeses are!

A glass of port to accompany the cheeseboard and a dessert chianti with the cheesecake. A glass of prosecco included in the deal with an extra one purchased made the bill come to £22.30 to pay above the £27 for the groupon deal.

Very cosy inside with a casual atmosphere. Staff are excellent, friendly and don’t get in your way. Will be back again.
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  1. trolley boy
    23/08/2011 / 8:48 pm
    Glad you liked it, possibly one of the best places ive ever dined in. Outstanding service and rather good Long Island Ice Teas with diet Coke.

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