Asparagus Hut time

And eggs as well

It’s a while since we mentioned The Asparagus Hut at Barnhill Farm. It’s a regular favourite for lovely fresh meat and veg at great prices. You will find it just past Glasgow Airport on Houston Road.

asparagus hut glasgow

The Asparagus Hut has changed over the years. They still sell the farms own asparagus, but the hut is gone. The shop is now housed in one of the farms stone buildings.

Barnhill is a working farm with animals. Kids will love the horses and pigs. My favourites are the chickens. We were lucky enough to visit while some chicks were still finding their feet.

asparagus hut glasgow

asparagus hut glasgow

The farm’s chickens produce eggs that taste great and have lovely golden yokes. Not colour that comes from additives, but the golden glow that happy chickens give their eggs when free to forage among the wheat sheafs.

My mission was to get some eggs. A bargain at £1:50 half dozen.

asparagus hut glasgow

If you decide to visit the Asparagus Hut, make sure you take cash. It is an honesty shop where you pay in cash, no cards.

asparagus hut glasgow

And if you are out that way about late June onward, pop into East Yonderton Farm which is just along the road nearer the airport. They have a great selection of pick your own fruit and veg over the summer months.


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