All of the Scottish Michelin Star Restaurants in one list

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Award-winning Michelin restaurants in Scotland

They are the pinnacle of any Chef’s career and are a much sought after item but do you know what Michelin Stars are all about and what do the Michelin stars mean?  We have a list below of all the Michelin starred restaurants in Scotland.

Where to find Michelin star restaurants in Scotland…


Scotland’s one-star Michelin restaurants:

Cail Bruich – Glasgow

Condita – Edinburgh

Isle of Eriska Hotel – near Oban

Loch Bay Restaurant – Isle of Skye

isle of eriska hotel salmon starter
Isle of Eriska Hotel

One – The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

The Peat Inn – St Andrews

Restaurant Martin Wishart – Leith, Edinburgh

The Cellar – Anstruther, Fife

The Kitchin – Leith, Edinburgh


Scotland’s two-star Michelin restaurants:

Andrew Fairlie – Gleneagles Hotel, Perth

restaurant andrew fairlie gleneagles scotland review glasgow foodie explorers
Restaurant Andrew Fairlie

Here is a map showing their locations.

What is a Michelin star?

Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants judged to be of a particularly high standard. The system progressed from the Michelin Guide which was released to encourage driving around France by tyre company Michelin.  More people driving means more tyres to sell!  The guide listed hotels, restaurants and garages that a driver would need on their journey.

The guide progressed to awarding stars to explain how good a venue was.  This meant restaurants wanted to be included.

How are Michelin stars awarded?

Michelin stars are not based on customer reviews, but undercover inspections by anonymous food Inspectors. These judges can visit up to 6 times to a restaurant before deciding on whether or not to award any stars.  The criteria are the same for each restaurant.   High-quality ingredients, cooking techniques and taste.

 What each Michelin star means

one michelin star
One star

‘High-quality cooking, worth a stop!’, according to the current Michelin Guide.


two michelin stars
Two stars

‘Excellent cooking, worth a detour!’, according to the Michelin Guide.


three michelin stars
Three stars

‘Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!’, according to the Michelin Guide.


Have you been to any Michelin starred restaurants?  Let us know below 🙂



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