70% of Mums Feel their Child is Developing an Unhealthy Relationship to Food

kid watermelon healthy food

Seven in 10 mums feel their child is developing an unhealthy relationship to food.

A study by Chilean Blueberries Committee has found that 70% of mums surveyed are worried that their child has an increasingly unhealthy approach to their food. Eight in 10 admitting their children are fussy eaters, tempted by sugary snacks and fizzy drinks.  However then 70% of mums confessed to giving their children chocolate as a reward or bribe for good behaviour. This pattern was reinforced by extended family and friends.

So how to get kids to eat their five a day?  Here are 20 top tricks to get kids to eat some fruit/veg.

kid watermelon healthy food


Allowing children to eat in front of a screen
Always dining with the children at the same time
Employ the ‘try it once’ rule – a full mouthful of food must be eaten before the child can make their mind up whether they like it or not
Cutting the fruit/veg into funny shapes
Let the children choose which fruit/veg they want in the supermarket
Preparing the food on the plate into the shape of a funny face or colourful picture
Only allowing the child to have pudding if all the veg has been eaten
Blending fruits into homemade smoothies as a ‘treat’
Give the children the opportunity to choose some of the meals the family has that week
Offer snack bowls of fruit/veg when they’re watching television
Not allowing children to snack on anything unhealthy until they have had a piece of fruit
Making fruit lollipops
Giving food silly names such as ‘dinosaur food’
Chopping fruit into healthy breakfast cereals
Taking a piece of fruit when they pick up the kids so it’s the first thing they have when they’re hungry
Letting the children cook (with assistance) whenever they want to
Having a colour theme
Filling homemade cakes with a blended fruit puree
Introducing a brand new kind of fruit/veg every week for the whole family to try
Pureeing fruit and adding to porridge

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