80% of Hebridean Sea Salt product “Imported”

Food standards agency

According to an investigation of Hebridean Sea Salt by Food Standards Scotland more than 80% of it was imported.

The Lewis based business has been part of the renaissance of Scotland’s food industry and this news will be a blow to the credibility of Scottish businesses who care about the provenance of their products.

Food Standards Scotland appear to be taking a heavier hand with businesses – going all out with publicity regarding concerns, be it with Errington Cheese or Hebridean Sea Salt before the end of any investigation.

Hebridean sea salt

Food Standards Scotland released a statement:

“Western Isles Council is the lead in the Hebridean Sea Salt investigation and Food Standards Scotland has a supporting role.

We would not normally disclose the details of an active and ongoing investigation.

However, given the coverage of this case, we believe it is now in the public interest to disclose the issues that are under investigation.

This is not simply a case of mis-labelling. Investigations discovered that over 80% of the salt found in Hebridean Sea Salt did not originate in the Hebrides, but was imported table salt.

It is Food Standards Scotland’s view that, whilst this is not a food safety issue, deception of consumers on this scale is not acceptable and could damage Scotland’s well-deserved reputation for high quality, authentic food and drink products.”

Food standards agency


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